Services Fuel System

The function of the fuel system is to collect and then deliver fuel to the cylinder chamber of your car’s engine. Here in the cylinder chamber the fuel is mixed with air as it vaporizes and then the mixtures burns to produce energy. That energy is then converted into a rotary motion that powers your car.

Keep Things Running Well with Fuel System Services 

The fuel system is a critical part of your vehicle's internal combustion process. Whether it runs on gas or diesel, it has a fuel system that collects and distributes fuel to the appropriate parts of the engine. Without this process working as it should, your vehicle generates no power and can't move.

We have a full list of fuel system services designed to keep your car, truck, or other vehicle moving. Whether you're looking for help maintaining your fuel system components or have a repair need, our mechanics can get the job done.

Components of the Fuel System

Without fuel, your vehicle can't move. The work of the engine comes to a grinding halt when something is wrong with the fuel system. The components of this critical system include:

Fuel Tank – The fuel tank stores the fuel. It contains baffles that help keep the fuel from sloshing around when the vehicle stops and starts.

Fuel Pump – This pumps fuel from the tank and sends it through the fuel lines.

Fuel Lines – These hoses and steel lines move the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.

Fuel Filter – Filters contaminants and particles out of the fuel to give you the best possible gas mileage.

Keeping all of these things running as they were designed is essential to keeping your car on the move. Over time, wear and tear on the fuel system can hurt your gas mileage and cause more serious problems with your vehicle, but we can assist with fuel system services. Whether you need repair or maintenance, our mechanics can get the job done.

Common Problems with Fuel Systems

If your fuel system has an issue, you may notice subtle signs or serious ones. Some things to look for that may indicate a fuel system problem include:

Changes in Gas Mileage – Minor problems with your fuel system can change your car's efficiency. If you're needing to fill up more often than usual.

Poor Start – If the car is having trouble starting, or won't start at all, a problem with the fuel system is possible. If the internal combustion process isn't working, the vehicle cannot run.

Misfiring or Stalling – Again, there are many things that can cause a misfire or stall, but problems with the fuel system is one of those things.

Hesitation – Does your car feel like it's hesitating when you drive? A dirty air filter can cause this common problem, as can other issues with the fuel system.

EGR Deposits – A Common Fuel System Problem

One of the most common problems you can have with your fuel system relates to exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) carbon deposits. During the internal combustion process, soot or carbon is created. This can build up in the system, and the build-up acts like a sponge, soaking up fuel. This tricks the car's computer into thinking it is running on low fuel levels, so it signals the fuel system to deliver more fuel. This causes you to use more fuel than you should in normal operation, and it causes the fuel system to work harder. Keeping your fuel system well maintained and replacing the fuel filter every 20,000 miles can help prevent this problem.

Comprehensive Fuel System Services 

If you suspect fuel system problems or wish to avoid them through better maintenance, our team is here to help. With expert diagnostics and repair services, we can get to the bottom of your fuel system problems and offer effective repair solutions. 

We offer a full list of fuel system services. At the first sign of trouble with your fuel system, give us a call. Let us keep you moving with a fully functional fuel system.