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We offer a full range of exhaust system services to ensure your system is running properly and your car is operating as efficiently as possible.

An internal combustion engine burns fuel to create power, and this process creates exhaust gases. These gases are collected in the exhaust manifold, which is then sent through the exhaust system out the tailpipe. This process protects the vehicle's occupants from the fumes, and also helps the car run as efficiently as possible. When your exhaust system is not running as it should, we can help. 

Components of the Exhaust System

Your exhaust system is made up of many different components. Each of these must work together well to filter the exhaust fumes away from your car and through the tailpipe. These components include:

Muffler: The muffler gets its name because it muffles the sounds of the gases as they move through the system. If the car gets suddenly louder, it can be because of problems with the muffler.

Tailpipe: The tailpipe gives the gases and water vapor an exit out of the vehicle.

Catalytic converter: This piece of the exhaust system creates a reaction that transforms toxic gases from internal combustion engines into less toxic pollutants before they leave the vehicle.

Why Your Exhaust System Matters

The exhaust system is easy to forget about because it doesn’t seem to have a direct impact on whether or not your car will drive. However, the exhaust gases contain a deadly gas called carbon monoxide. If it is not properly filtered away from the vehicle’s passenger area, you are at risk.

Signs of Exhaust System Problems

Serious exhaust leaks are a safety hazard, but most of the time you will notice signs of a problem developing before it becomes serious. Some signs that your exhaust system is starting to have issues include:

The engine is getting louder: If your engine starts to sound more like a motorcycle than a car, it is due to problems with the muffler or another exhaust system component. Address the problem quickly to get things back running well.

Rattling when idling: If your car is rattling when it’s not moving, such as when you’re idling at a stoplight, then it needs to be repaired. This can mean a problem with the catalytic converter, and it can also mean leaks are developing that would let that carbon monoxide into your cab.

Engine vibrations: If the engine vibrates when you’re operating your car, or if the steering wheel or pedals seem to vibrate or rumble, then an exhaust leak could be the culprit.

Less fuel efficiency: If your car is getting worse gas mileage, it can be a wide range of problems, but exhaust leaks can be one of them. Exhaust leaks make the engine work harder, which in turn requires more fuel. 

Exhaust System Services 

If you are noticing signs of problems with your exhaust system, bring your vehicle in. Our expert mechanics can diagnose and repair all types of exhaust system problems. Often, problems come from rust buildup on the exhaust system that corrodes its components and leaves behind a hole. We can repair these problems and ensure the system is operating safely. We also offer exhaust system inspections that will give you peace of mind that your system is going to serve you well.

Whether you’re experiencing problems with your exhaust system or are looking for an inspection to ensure it’s running as it should, we’re here for you. Stop in today to discuss your exhaust system needs with our skilled mechanics.