Used Cars: Courtesy Auto Repair Plus Advice on What to Do After You Buy

June 30, 2019

Used vehicles are certainly an economical choice for budget-conscious Tiffin drivers. But how can we know we're getting a good used vehicle and not just inheriting someone else's problems?There are good used vehicles for sale in the Tiffin area. Vehicles are sold when families upsize, when famili... More

Direct Fuel Injection Update from Courtesy Auto Repair Plus

June 23, 2019

For those of you in Tiffin, Ohio who pay attention to these things, you may have been hearing about the new direct injection engines and want to learn more about them. Some deliver the power of a V8 with the economy of a V6.For example, in one family of engines the conventional V6 makes about 25... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Fuel System Cleaning Near Tiffin, Ohio

June 16, 2019

A lot of fuel is wasted in the Tiffin area by dirty fuel delivery systems in vehicles.Let's start at the tank. The gas tank gathers dirt, rust and sediment over the years. That's why there's a fuel filter to clean the fuel after it leaves the tank. A dirty filter will rob the engine of the clean ... More

The Easy Way to Save Cash in Tiffin

June 9, 2019

The hottest Ohio news story may be different every day, but there's one topic that seems to come up over and over again the price of gas in Tiffin. If you feel like most of your paycheck goes into your gas tank, this post is for you. Here are several basic things people in Tiffin can do to grea... More

Will Proper Auto Maintenance at Courtesy Auto Repair Plus Really Save Gas?

June 2, 2019

Have you ever thought about all the little things we do to keep our lives running smoothly - like vacuuming? It makes a room feel fresher and more comfortable. We may not consider that we're also prolonging the life of the carpet by keeping it clean. But Tiffin drivers don't always extend those g... More