Clean Air for Your Engine: Engine Air Filters In Tiffin

December 30, 2018

Every Tiffin car owner who has taken their car in for an oil change has been told that their engine air filter's dirty. Here's what goes into the determination of when to change the filter: First, your vehicle owner's manual will have a recommendation of when the filter should be replaced. So be... More

Maintenance on My Mind

December 23, 2018

Ask any Tiffin man or woman if they've taken their vehicle in for preventive maintenance lately, and the answer may well be no. Surveys indicate that over 80% of vehicles on the road today are in need of some kind of repair or maintenance. Now, ask that same person why he hasn't taken his car in ... More

Automotive Tips from Courtesy Auto Repair Plus: Air Conditioning ? Common Problem

December 16, 2018

Your auto air conditioning system cools and conditions the air in your passenger compartment when you are driving around Tiffin. It also removes moisture from the air to keep your windows from fogging up.A common A/C problem for Tiffin drivers that visit Courtesy Auto Repair Plus is contaminated ... More

Fuel System Cleaning the Professional Way at Courtesy Auto Repair Plus

December 9, 2018

Your fuel system needs to be clean to do its job properly. When it gets dirty, the results are lower engine performance, reduced fuel economy and impaired safety. It can even lead to costly repair bills for Tiffin drivers. So keep your fuel system clean as part of your routine preventive maintena... More

Keep It Flowing with a Fuel Filter Replacement at Courtesy Auto Repair Plus

December 2, 2018

The function of the fuel filter is pretty self-explanatory. It filters your fuel. The fuel filter is in the fuel line somewhere in between the fuel tank and the engine. Both gas and diesel vehicles around Tiffin use fuel filters. For more information about your fuel filter, visit Courtesy Auto Re... More