Drivers that "T" Us Off (Bad Driving Practices)

September 26, 2021

We've all seen drivers who do things thatlet's be frankreally irritate us. They're inconsiderate, can put people in danger and make the road a much less friendly place. They really "T" us off. These are the bad drivers who fit their description to a "T." The Tailgater. You've seen this terr... More

Line Them Up: Wheel Alignment Service at Courtesy Auto Repair Plus

September 19, 2021

Hello Tiffin! Let's talk about alignment. One of the most important parts of preventive maintenance for your vehicle is keeping the wheels in alignment. Poor alignment causes your tires to wear unevenly, which can significantly reduce their lifespan. This means you will have to replace them more... More

Courtesy Auto Repair Plus Advice on What to Pour into Your Vehicle

September 12, 2021

Changes in vehicle design and manufacture have resulted in changed fluid requirements for our vehicles. With the sophistication of engines, transmissions, differentials, etc., it's best for Tiffin residents to always use the proper type of fluid for their vehicle. Using incorrect fluids can actu... More

Does My Choice in Oil Affect Change Intervals?

September 5, 2021

Oil changes are probably the most recognized service on a vehicle. Almost all Tiffin residents know about them. But do we know enough?Several decades ago, oil changes were fairly standard: every three months or 3,000 miles or 5,000 kilometers. But recent advances in both engine technology and oi... More